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The project started in January 2016. The starting point for it was the grant from Ministry of Youth, Sport and Physical Education of Republic Karelia.

The main task of this project is to invite attention of young people to epic poems “Kalevala”, to catch their interest and  to encourage to reading the whole text of it.







The opening of project took place on January 17th
2016 in the tavern «Viking».







Public audiobook record was the first action of the project. 100 people took part in it.





Выпуск 3


The sketches about “Kalevala” were published in social nets along with runes’ recordings, explaining their content. The author of this sketches is journalist and the manager of the project Irina Rynkevich. It is the explanation of epic poem in terms of psychology with interpretation of metaphors and modern life analogy. This method is also used in the excursion of photo-exhibition.





Quest-game “Kalevala” was developed by teacher Anna Nesterenko and tested by Pedagogical team “Parallels”. Artist Maja Savchuk drew the pictures for the game.

The first game was played on April 3rd 2016 with drama group “Rostok”.

The teachers of The Independent School conducted this quest for their pupils on April 7th.






On April 11th the game was held by Children and Youth Centre.

It was also used as part of  the Festival ‘Kalevala Open’  on Jule 21st and 24th.






The colleagues from Association AWARD used this game in their programme on August 21st.

The game was used by School №39 on November 30th.







The Petrozavodsk librarians played the game on January 24th 2017.

The students of the Art School participated in the quest in the library №22 on February 13th.






The Pedagogical team “Parallels” with Alliance of Karelian People held the tentch game on February 27th 2017.

On March 19th the game was held in the Ethnic-culture Centre ‘KALEVALATALO’.






The Festival ‘Kalevala Open’ took place in Petrozavodsk on July 21th-25th 2016  on the base of Republic childrens’ ecological-biological Centre. We used the rooms, the yard and  the garden of this Centre as an art-space. The task of the Festival  was to give an opportunity to feel the epic poems through the art.






The participants of the Festival watched the Finish film “The Saga of Kalevala: The Iron Edge” and the performance of  the Theatre from Voknavolok village “Kullervo”.

The art-objects “The Mill of Happiness” appeared in the garden.

On the work-shop of Maja Savchuk the participants drew the cards using an unusual method.






After work-shop of Maria Valeeva the participants made the group dance improvisation “My perception of Kalevala”. The work-shop of actress Valeria Lomakina helped to the participants to make short movie “Stolen Sampo”.






Finally the representatives of City Administration, non-government organizations and institutions who work with youth met together and discussed new forms on  a topic “Kalevala”.






The photo-exhibition “My feeling of Kalevala” is the result of cooperation of the Pedagogical team “Parallels” and the Academy of Photography. There is no ethnographic authenticity here, but the people stories and feelings and it is interesting for modern people.






The first exhibition worked from September 7th to October 3rd 2016 on the Gallery of Industrial History. The 24 photos from 12 authors were presented here.








The second exhibition was from February 13th to March 6th 2017 in the library №22.







The next exhibition (the second collections of photos on the plastic) was in the National Theatre from February 28th.

The first photo collection was sent to Kalevala village and was exhibited on  March 19-20th.





М 181


The mind game “Social net VKalevale” was born after the grant work was finished.

The teacher know that we should use just one thing to learn it better — a new content or a new form. The text of “Kalevala” is difficult so we need to use simple form. This game is the imitation of social net and has the details of it­­.

The librarians were the first who tested this game on February 21st 2017.




М 241


The game was also held in the ethnic café on the Day of the “Kalevala” on 28 February.

Three teams played this game in the Ethnic culture Centre in Kalevala village on March 19th.


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